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Quality, Consistency, & Service

Where Opportunity Grows

Greetings from the United States

Potatoes unlike any other, from a place unlike any other.

What makes U.S. potatoes unique? Their high quality, end-to-end consistency, and industry leadership.

By meeting the highest quality and safety standards from seed to harvest to processing, U.S. potatoes ensure you will have the best product possible. Outstanding quality starts with exceptional seeds, all of which pass the USDA’s strict seed certification system. All potatoes used in U.S. processing meet rigorous standards for high solids and low sugars to give the best appearance, taste, and texture. USDA grade and FDA-certified food standards and strict U.S. government oversight assures the safety and quality of each and every U.S. potato.


All of our products, including dehydrated, start from 100% U.S. fresh potatoes. Starting fresh not only creates more profitable solutions for kitchens but also generates more sales for you. U.S. potatoes set the gold standard in quality, generating greater demand with the appearance, texture, and taste consumers crave. U.S. potatoes also produce longer fries than any competitor, resulting in more servings and greater profits.

Consistency. Specialized growing methods and farming conditions produce reliable results you can count on. Long, warm days and cool nights ensure maximum productivity and consistent production while the cold, hard winters keep pests and diseases away. The latest technology constantly monitors the weather and field conditions, so growers can adapt irrigation and fertilizers accordingly. The extensive geography of the U.S. encompasses multiple growing seasons and state-of-the-art storage facilities for year-round supply.

With U.S. potatoes, you can expect consistency at every juncture. State-of-the-art equipment and rigorous scrutiny are deployed from farm to final product. As the creator of the frozen fry and dehydrated potato, the U.S. pioneered the technology needed to produce a consistent product. The U.S. is the only country in the world with mandatory USDA grade and standard specifications to ensure each potato product that is shipped can be counted on.

The result is a consistently flavorful product that gives you exactly what you expect, every time. After being inspected and sorted, the potato crop is sized and graded using USDA standards for maximum consistency and value. The reliably clean, appetizing flavor of U.S. potato products allows you to adapt them to any cuisine, menu category, or meal. U.S. fries are proven to keep busy kitchens consistent and efficient by saving labor and extending holding quality.


With a focus on culinary skill-building and product training, you’re able to learn cooking best practices from U.S. chefs. Plus, Reverse Trade Missions provide international customers like you the opportunity to visit U.S. farms and processing facilities to see the U.S. difference firsthand.

Through on-site culinary demonstrations and unique usage ideas, tools, and recipes, you can continue to bring fresh creativity into your offerings and delight your customers.

By contacting your local Potatoes USA representative, you can access industry-leading research and other resources you need to grow your business.